Help with Installation and Measuring Gaskets

Gasket Installation Guide

Remove old gasket by separating dart on gasket from the plastic retainer track. Do this carefully, so as not to remove the retainer track from the door. Clean door and track with mild soapy solution. (Dawn and other soaps of this nature work fine). Do not use harsh cleaners such as clorox, as they will damage the retainer track. Rinse and dry track and door. Install new gasket by pushing dart into the clean track. Start in the corners, and work towards the middle of each side. TIP: You can soften the gasket by submerging in warm water, or put it under a heat lamp for a few minutes. This helps when trying to install it.

Remove old gasket by lifting the gasket from the grove around the door. Clean track and door, same as dart mounted style. Mount new gasket by pushing in all corners in place first, then working the gasket towards the center, on each side of the door.

A bit more work!! Remove all screws from under flap of gasket. Remove old gasket, clean and dry door. Install new gasket under door panel at all 4 corners fist. Relocate panel and make holes in new gasket with a punch or awl. Install screws loosely at the corners first. Install remaining screws, working towards the center, then tighten all screws.

NOTE: At times you will notice screws are stripped and or door panel holes stripped. Make sure you have extra screws. Stainless steel hardware works the best, but cost a bit more. Most common size screw is # 8 size 3/4". If the door or screw is stripped you have a couple of avenues. Get larger screw, grow gradually ie # 10, then #12. The other is with threaded inserts placed in the door to help hold the screw, also a bit more work.


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Gasket Measuring Guide

There are different ways to measure a gasket, dart to dart, or outside dimensions. Outside dimensions is the easiest way to measure.


Measure the width and height of the gasket you are replacing from the outside of the gasket. You can do this while the gasket is on the door.

Measure between mounting slots for height and width of gasket you are replacing. This needs to be done when gasket is off the door.

3 sided door gaskets are most common for walk in coolers or freezers, but are used elsewhere. These use a separate door sweep or scraper on the bottom of the door. 4 sided gaskets, extend to all 4 corners of the door or drawer.